About Us


When we started this journey over a year ago, we had no clue how the fashion industry works. But we had the ambition to bring in our expertise in marketing, business analysis, IT, user experience and design to create a unique swim short that values craftsmanship and design to high standards and embraces the latest technology in digital printing and distribution.   


There were countless restrictions we encountered as a Start Up company that made this goal a constant challenge and moving target. The only way we had to and can still face it is with creativity and passion. In this early stage our slogan ‘we love what we doo’ came up naturally and expressed profoundly how much energy, love and passion we put into the creation of our product.


The biggest challenge was to find a producer for our swim shorts in Europe who had the same devotion and passion to challenge the status quo. We also looked out to a company with a successful track record in customized digital printing. We were very fortunate to find a soulmate who has been working hard over the last years to streamline the production process and integrate innovative production techniques in his company. Our close collaboration fastened up considerably the implementation of new ideas and brought in the needed quality check to keep our feet on the ground. 


From the beginning it was clear that we would not compromise on the quality of the fabrics. We decided therefore to work closely with a well-known premium textile producer of high quality fabrics, made in Italy. After a first visit at the factory premises and discussing about their own philosophy and production techniques, it became apparent that they should be our preferred partner.  
At the same time we fine-tuned the production process with the producer of our swim shorts to ensure the high quality standards expected from our customers. It feels great to say that pure craftsmanship is sewn into our products. 


The entire design themes are worked out in Switzerland and implemented with a highly professional team of freelance graphic designers and experienced 3 D animation designers. We have a lot of fresh and new ideas that we intend to introduce gradually on our site. Check out the news section to be informed about any new developments.  


We believe that we have created with our brand rookiro a distinctive design with a high value of recognition. We have various ideas on how to raise awareness of our brand and make it more tangible to our customers. We will keep you updated in our events section about upcoming events.   

We hope that we have made you curious and interested in buying our products. Have a look at our different styles of swim shorts. If there are any questions you may have, feel free to contact us.